We are the Coates Park Bushcare Group. We were first established in 2007. Our main focus is weeding the creek lines that run into the creek from Terrace Falls and Baths roads, which eventually runs into Victor Falls, Terrace Falls and hence, Bedford Creek.

About the site

Coates Park Bushcare site is a beautiful natural area situated in the vicinity of Reserve Avenue, Railway Parade, Baths Road and Terrace Falls Road on the southern side of Hazelbrook.  The site consists of a range of vegetation communities – swamp, riparian areas and dry sclerophyll bushland and includes a magnificent rock outcrop. 

Satellite map with boundaries of reserve marked.
Coates Park map, showing boundaries of the reserve.

The Bushcare Group currently works on the edges of urban areas near Railway Parade, Baths Road and Terrace Falls Road, along the creek, drainage lines, road edges and around the old Baths on the creek, which is now full of sediment and mostly native plants.

The Bushcare Group began in June 2007 and has achieved significant positive change for the site.  Forests of Privet have been removed from drainage lines, along parts of the creek and below the rock outcrop, allowing natural regeneration to occur over time.  A range of weeds have also been removed from other areas, such as Crofton Weed, Ginger Lily, Purple Top, Fleabane, Blackberry and weedy grasses and ground-layer species.  Various native species have been planted in one drainage line over time to stabilise the area after reducing/removing the Privet forest, as well as reclaiming some mown areas above that drainage line to provide a protective buffer.  The species planted include Leptospermum juniperinum, Leptospermum polygalifolium, Hakea teretifolia and Callistemon citrinus.

The Group was instrumental in requesting that a short steep access track be converted from 4WD vehicle to pedestrian/mountain bike use only and reducing any erosion impacts.

The site is wonderful habitat for a range of native animals and we often see a diversity of birds, as well as scat evidence of Swamp Wallabies and a Possum has also been sighted.

With all the primary work now under control, the Group monitors and maintains the past Bushcare and contractor efforts with follow-up weeding, some low-scale brushmatting and will most likely continue planting as required.  The Group may also consider expanding their current work areas to other parts of the site in the future.

Meeting time

Fourth Saturday of the month, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm


Meeting place will vary upon email – contact our Bushcare Officer for more information.

There are a number of sites where we work:

  • Site 1: along the creek line running down from the fire station
  • Site 2: along the back of houses on Railway Parade at the head of the creek
  • Site 3: behind properties on the first part of Terrace Falls Road
  • Site 4: around the old Hazelbrook Baths
  • Site 5: below Reserve Avenue.


Bushcare Officer:

Karen Hising, phone 4780 5623, email khising@bmcc.nsw.gov.au

Local contact: 

Ondine Evans, phone 0437 674 070

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