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Nepean Times – 19 April 1919

Baths At Hazelbrook

Mr R B Walker MLA has received the following communication from the Under-Secretary of Public Works:  Following on my letter of the 11th February with regard to the application on behalf of the Hazelbrook Baths Trust (Mr Lovell Gordon, Honorary Secretary) for the advice of a departmental engineer with regard to a proposed dam in the creek on Reserve 50344, I beg to furnish for your information the following copy of report which has been submitted by Mr Supervising Engineer Fleming after his visit to Hazelbrook:— ”I met Messrs Bourne and Ferguson, members of the Hazelbrook Progress Committee, at Hazelbrook, in accordance with instructions on Thursday last, and inspected the site of the proposed baths.  They wish to build a wall across a sandstone bar in the creek to hold back water for a depth of 6 or 7 feet for a swimming pool, and from time to time enlarge the pool by excavating in the soil. I advised them to construct small concrete walls to gravity section about 35 to 40 feet long, 7 feet high, 2 feet thick, at top water level, and 6 feet at base, vertical on upstream face, built of 5 : 2½ : 1 concrete, with plenty of pumistones embedded therein, and 6 inch C.1. pipe with valve in downstream end for cleaning out pool. Bywash to be constructed as pointed out so as to lead water to shower pool, etc. This met with their approval, and a rough section and general information was supplied them.”

From TROVE: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/16893954?searchTerm=hazelbrook%20baths

The Sydney Morning Herald – 4 June 1932

Baths For Hazelbrook

Hazelbrook, Friday

At a public meeting the president of the Blue Mountains Shire (Councillor Percy Wilson) announced that arrangements had been completed with the Federal Unemployment Committee for a grant of £435 provided an additional sum of £80 was subscribed towards the enlargement of the Hazelbrook swimming bath and erection of dressing sheds and improvement in access. The baths when completed, will be 75 feet long by 30 feet wide and will have a depth of water up to 10 feet.  Employment will be found for men in the district and work is to commence on Tuesday next.

From TROVE: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/190131519?searchTerm=hazelbrook%20baths

The Katoomba Daily – 30 July 1932

Hazelbrook Swimming Baths

President Wilson and Councillors of the Blue Mountains Shire visited the Baths, together with the Shire Clerk and Engineer.  All were favourably impressed by what they saw, and there is little doubt but what the Baths will prove a valuable asset.  The workers had to be changed weekly, and the Shire Engineer was complimented upon the work achieved.  The President, explained how places of possible danger were effectively protected.  The President’s action – in placing Safety First! signs came in for unanimous approval.

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Nepean Times – 25 February 1933

Coates Park

The area in which the Hazelbrook swimming baths are situated is to be known as Coates Park after Honourable J F Coates.  This was a resolution of Blue Mountains Shire Council at its meeting on Wednesday.

From TROVE: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/101321696?searchTerm=coates%20park